At Follow Your Soul we use Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy postures and dialogue to help facilitate possible change in your body, mind and soul.

When you look from your Soul, Not your mind, Your view changes!


Loree Poirier …

– Bachelor’s Degree in Education
(School Teacher for 10 years)
– Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
– Certified 200-hour Yoga Teacher (& training in Trauma-informed Yoga)
– Reiki Level III (master healer)
– Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (Practitioner in training)

Loree became interested in yoga in the late 90s and early 2000s as an exercise routine and stress reliever during her Bachelor of Psychology degree. It wasn’t until becoming pregnant with her daughter in 2011, however, that she took a prenatal yoga course and saw how the physical postures, breathing techniques and mental/soulful aspects of yoga can come together and deliver huge benefits.
Since then, her practice has become a more routine part of her life, and became a “life saver” and amazing tool when returning to her full-time public-school teaching position. While trying to find balance in all areas of life, she embarked on her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and became a certified yoga instructor in 2014.
She has since been teaching yoga and mindfulness to children in a yoga club at her school and teaches Vinyasa style classes to friends, family, fellow teachers and Beginner’s Yoga class at a couple of local studios in Moncton or from her home-based studio space. Loree has a passion for helping others with the basics of yoga, and knows that the practice can be a good fit for ANY body, age or ability who wants to reap its benefits.
She has a special interest in how yoga can help your mental health to relieve stress, anxiety, trauma and depression and deal with change, and is currently in her Internship portion of Level III training from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in Massachusetts. Loree is excited to become the 1st certified Yoga Therapist in New Brunswick in February through the International Association of Yoga therapist. She embraces life-long learning and has attended a Yoga for Trauma training session and many other workshops such as Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event in Florida in 2016 where she became a “Fire Walker”.
Loree truly embraces what meditation, breathing techniques and physical movement in the form of asana can do for your mind, body and soul, and would love to share with anyone who is open to the possibility of what doors can be opened and what we can really do when we reach out to become our truest and best selves.

Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?
• At Follow Your Soul – Yoga Therapy, the Phoenix Rising modality is used to connect your body and mind. It is a combination of yoga poses, focused breath and elements of dialogue that helps to create a deep connection with the self and can bring about possible changes in the body, mind, soul and even into your everyday life.
• A typical one-on-one session is client-centered, open-ended and non-directive … it is your session. I’m here as your guide to experience being more present in the moment and to be more fully aware of what your body might be telling you.
• This connection is held and explored, possibly fostering transformational change, growth, and healing (physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually).
• Possible goals of a session could be to work with mindfulness, self-awareness and empowerment. A Yoga Therapy session can help you to get to your most authentic self and be able to access any answers you might need to help you in your real life in regards to: change, dealing with stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression or guidance in any intention you want to set for yourself. Clients may choose to work on balancing any of these things or more in their sessions and in turn their lives.
• Yoga Therapy Sessions are open to everyone of ANY age or physical ability (no yoga experience necessary). Sessions last about an hour. There is no need to bring anything to a session, just come in comfortable clothes and with an open mind.


To set up a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session with Loree
Contact: 378-2723 or by messaging on Facebook (by appointment only)


Loree holds BIG space with loads of compassion for whatever shows up. I’m thrilled to have her become my colleague as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist out in the world where we need more BIG hearts helping to heal – Soleil Hepner

You will love Loree’s gentle, healing approach to teaching yoga. I love her carefully crafted classes and the themes that she shares. You’ll finish your class feeling open and light-hearted. – Kelly Green